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Here at Royal Monster Bullies we are dedicated to breeding the perfect family dog. All of our dogs are treated like part of the family and live with various Royal Monster Bullies family members and friends. We feel that this allows us to provide the best care for all our animals. As you can see from the videos and photos, we love to take our dogs on adventures, and they love it too! They all love the attention they get when you take them out. If you decide to own one of our dogs, be ready to meet lots of new people when you go out into public. We love the opportunity to educate people on the difference between pitbulls and bullies. We strive to break breed stereotypes while being respectful and informative ambassadors to the breed we love.

Learn more about the XL American Bully breed

Little history on the American Bully breed. All American bullies originated from a select group of American pit bull terriers. Most of our dogs are registered through the United Kennel Club as American Pitbull Terrier or APBT even though they are one hundred percent American Bully. In the 90s a number of pitbull breeders began to selectively breed their most muscular, largest and best temperament dogs. This was the birth of the XL American Bully breed. Some breeders went in a different direction with size and that's why there are a few different classes of American Bullies. At Royal Monster Bullies we breed XL American Bullies. The American bully breed is a relatively new breed. The bred wasn't recognized until the founding of the American bully kennel club in 2004. The more prestigious United kennel club did not recognize the American bully as a breed until 2013 which is why many true American Bullies are still registered with the UKC as American Pitbull Terrier or APBT.